WebsitesWebsite Hacking
January 21, 2020

We’ve seen an increase in hacking over the past year, both in terms of frequency and sophistication. We’ve developed some custom tools to help us discover all the files installed by hackers and get rid of them.

We’ve been using a tool called “SiteDash” that lets us view every MODX website we have. It alerts us of any plugins that need to be updated, and we can click one button to update those plugins across every website we’ve developed. It’s a real time-saver and helps us keep all our websites up to date with security patches.

The latest addition to our bag of tricks is a file tracker that runs in the background, recording any executable files that have been added to or deleted from a web server, and also any that have been altered. When any change is noticed, an email gets sent to us so we can investigate and remediate hacking before anything really terrible happens. We’ll be rolling out this feature to all our clients’ websites over time.


How to Create Short URLs
April 18, 2016

Sometimes, you may want to create very short URLs for a page, for instance when you want to promote a page on your site and have an easily remembered URL to use in your promotional materials. MODX provides three different ways to do this. We get regular inquiries about this, so we’ve just added a page in our online MODX manual detailing the different methods, and the reasons why you’d want to use one rather than another. Log into the MODX manual (use the link under the Site menu when you’re logged into your website manager) and see the new page “Short URLs” in the MODX Basics section, under Editing Pages.


PublicationsAre You a Baseball Fan?
December 10, 2015

baseball-faqIn what year did Major League Baseball hold its first amateur draft? And who was the first player picked in that draft? Don’t know? Then you need this book. Well, even if you do know, we’re sure there are many facts you haven’t come across yet. Plus, this book is chock full of photos (260 of them!), showing players, equipment, managers, baseball park diagrams, playing techniques, memorabilia, and more. It was challenging to place so many photos in a book and have it all make sense, but we’re very pleased with the result. Order your copy here.


MODX — the Invisible CMS
November 24, 2015

I make a point of keeping up on MODX news, improvements, updates, and techniques, always seeking to expand my knowledge of this wonderful tool. Today I read this on a MODX developer’s blog, in a post exploring why MODX isn’t more widely known:

“When someone builds a website for a client, they are building a website, not a MODX website. The fact it uses MODX under the hood . . . is for the most part irrelevant and transparent. MODX is used as a tool to deliver a project, which is important, but not what defines the project. Many of the developers, designers and agencies that use MODX also recognise that MODX may not always be the best tool for the job, so aside from MODX they might also use WordPress, Drupal, Magento or something else completely, depending on the project. . . . A lot of WordPress developers are simply tapping into that brand recognition by explicitly providing WordPress services. They sell WordPress websites instead of websites.”


WebsitesBeyond Pesticides Gets an Update
November 07, 2015

Beyone Pesticides websiteWe recently converted the website of a long-standing client, Beyond Pesticides, to MODX. Their website is a treasure trove of information about pesticides, including safety and health issues, legislation, programs around the country, environmental effects, and alternatives to toxic chemicals. Their goal is to protect healthy air, water, land and food for ourselves and future generations.

We set up their previous website in 2011 in Dreamweaver, converting it from the old format they were using. There are literally thousands of pages on this site, so we created some sophisticated scripting to import all those pages into MODX and update the various links to keep everything working.


October 29, 2015

Haunted AmericaGet into the Halloween spirit by catching up on all sorts of ghost lore. This book is full of details from ghost stories, ghost towns, ghost movies, and haunted houses, interspersed with the Ghostly Gazetteer, featuring short descriptions of all sorts of ghostly encounters around the country. Plus, there are many photographs of real ghosts! Well, you judge for yourself. Highly entertaining and educational. You can order yourself a copy on the Hal Leonard website.


MODX Updated to Version 2.4.2
October 12, 2015

MODX has been updated to version 2.4.2, which contains mostly bug fixes. 2.4.0 was a major recent release, and we highly recommend upgrading if you haven't yet.


PublicationsWe’re in the Twilight Zone
October 07, 2015

twighlight-zone-bookAre you a Twilight Zone fan? We just completed this book for Applause Theatre & Cinema Books. Relive your favorite episodes, find out all kinds of facts, review the entire history of the series, learn about Twilight Zone memorabilia, and more! You can order a copy for yourself.


GeneralThe New Snow Creative Website Goes Live!
October 01, 2015

It sure has been a long time coming! We’ve simply been too busy for all these years to create our own website, but we finally made it a priority to make our digital presence known. You’ll find information about who we are and how we work, along with a frequently updated section called the Snow Creative News (hey, you’re reading it right now!). There is so much going on that we’d love to let all our clients know about, and now we have a way to do it.