MODX 3 Is Out!

May 22, 2022

Great news: MODX 3 has been released! Actually, it has already gotten its first update, so it’s at version 3.0.1. A good deal of the update is in the code base, to make things a lot easier for developers and make it compatible with current coding practices. The site manager has also been totally revamped, with a new look and layout. Don’t worry, much of it works the same way as before, so editors will be able to easily adapt to the new features. We’ll be compiling a list of updates of interest to our clients so you’ll have a sense for what this upgrade would mean for you.

There are still plugins that aren’t totally compatible yet, so we’re holding off on recommending upgrading until we’re sure every plugin we typically use for our sites works properly. There are also more core updates in the works that we’d be love to be in place before switching our clients to the new version. 

Stay tuned!