What We Do for You

Our website designs express your character as well as your message. We pay a great deal of attention to your specific needs, and we take pride in creating the most user-friendly experience possible for you and your audience.

We pay attention to details like site structure, navigation, text heading levels, relative weight of design elements, and other things that make for a website that is inviting and easy to use. We love it when so many of our clients email us after their site goes live, saying how easy it is for them to update their own site, and how much their visitors love how it looks and works.

To take the next step in creating  your website, GET IN TOUCH  and we’ll get working on a quote for you.

We are firm believers in a modular approach, which means that we recognize that it is unlikely that one piece of software, no matter how good it is, will be great at everything. Using what is best in each piece of software, we combine them to create a custom setup that really works for you; this way you won’t need to adapt to a system that doesn’t fit your needs. We will advise you on what combination of software and custom coding will make it the easiest for you to manage everything associated with your website.

What You Get

Whether your website is simple or complex, content management will be a pleasure for you — not a chore. We are known for creating innovative solutions that support easy and efficient management of all sorts of website content.

Here are some of the features we regularly set up for our clients:

  • Back end web management system tailored to your particular needs
  • Online purchasing and shopping cart integrations
  • Web-based newsletters and email template design
  • Integrations with emailing services (Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, Vertical Response, Constant Contact, etc.)
  • Member management systems
  • Responsive design for compatibility with all desktop and mobile devices
  • Integrated site search, updated in real time
  • Multilingual sites
  • Flexible photo album setup
  • Password-protected areas for members, staff, financial administrators, you name it
  • Multi-level user setup for different groups to edit different parts of the website
  • RSS feeds
  • Searchable databases for visitors doing research
  • Access to the online MODX user manual we created to provide training in all the basics of using this content management system