The Geeky Details

We employ a variety of up-to-date techniques in the creation of websites.

  • All new sites we create are fully responsive so that they will display well on all desktop and mobile devices.
  • We handle all aspects of site deployment, including setting up hosting, creating test partitions during development, moving sites live, ensuring necessary server software has been installed, and working with hosting providers to optimize the responsiveness of our content management system.
  • We use Javascript, jQuery, AngularJS, and Backbone.js to create interactivity on the front end, and PHP and MySQL on the backend.
  • We have created our own CSS styles to manage responsive designs and keep loading time to a minimum, rather than use huge CSS libraries that attempt to cover all possible options the end user may want. We use SASS to enable time-efficient coding and maintain consistency.
  • MODX is our CMS of choice to enable rapid development, flexibility, user interface customization, and limitless capability for future expansion.
  • We have extensive experience in custom PHP programming, and can add new features to custom web applications, Wordpress sites, and other PHP-based sytems.