modx-colorContent Management with MODX

Easy for Us

We love MODX! It’s a programmer’s dream: utterly flexible, easy to add custom scripting, no limits whatsoever in terms of templating, highly secure, a breeze to set up and transfer. Fortunately for our clients, it’s also a designer’s dream. There’s nothing it can’t do in terms of design. With MODX, we’ve made everything from simple, five-page websites; to highly dynamic sites requiring custom databases, multiple photo albums, blogs, newsletters, and news feeds; to websites so unique that they are managed more like a web application than a regular website. With MODX, we can do more and get it done a lot faster when compared to systems like Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, et al.

Easy for You

Clients who have used other content management systems often email us, marvelling at how much easier it is to work on their website now that it’s in MODX.

MODX allows for flexible customization of the back end so that clients can easily update and add to their site’s content. We can set up everything that needs managing right inside MODX while making all parts of the site’s structure intuitively accessible. We’ve worked on many challenging websites and have come up with creative solutions to simplify the task of managing complex content. Clients who have used other content management systems often marvel at how much easier it is to work on their website now that it’s in MODX.

If you want to explore MODX more, let us know. We have a few sample sites set up that you can access, and can point you to educational resources you will find interesting and informative.

Other Options

Existing MODX Sites

Got a site that’s already in MODX and need a MODX developer to upgrade it or take over management? We have a number of clients who either lost their own developer or were unhappy with the support they were getting and hired us to take over. We can upgrade sites to the newest version of MODX, develop new website capabilities, or simply provide advice on how to manager your site better.

Wordpress Sites

We have set up a number of Wordpress sites either from scratch or by customizing a theme purchased by our clients. We have set up custom post types, added database functionality, created custom templates, and created easily addable widgets.


We have also created custom programming that can be added to other PHP-based websites. If you have a PHP project that you need work on, we can help.