MODX Version 3 Is Just Around the Corner

October 31, 2021

A major update to our content management system of choice, MODX, is getting closer to completion. The MODX team is pulling out all the stops and trying to get this finished by the end of January 2022. Version 3 is going to bring a lot of changes: an updated user interface, more modern and efficient coding behind the scenes, 100% mobile compatibility in the site editor, bug fixes, and much more. I’m eager to see what our clients will think of the new system.

Due to the modernized code base, some plugins will no longer be compatible. Actually, very few of the plugins would have been compatible without updating. Plugin authors (myself included!) have been busy making the necessary changes to make sure updating websites to the new MODX won’t break anything. I’ve been involved in testing MODX 3 over the past year, filing bug reports, and contributing some code to keep the project moving along. 

Once the final public version of MODX 3 is out, I’ll be selecting a few websites to test it on. Your website won’t automatically be switched to the new version; I’ll create test versions of websites on a case-by-case schedule so that selected clients can test out the new system and see if it is a good fit. I expect that most website editors will love the new look and functionalities. 

Stay tuned!