Your Website Has No Limits
December 01, 2021

Are you wishing your website could work a different way, or have new features or a new look? With MODX, it’s easier than you may think.

I was recently in a group meeting with a client discussing a new project they want to launch. They were exploring whether it was better to launch the project as a separate website or just put it somewhere in their main site. They clients wanted certain features in the new project content that weren’t on their main site, and it became clear that they assumed the main site had a certain “system” that wouldn’t allow other features. 

I proposed making the new project a microsite within their existing website, and showed them how I had done this for another client. The microsite had the same header as the rest of the site, but under that was a different layout with its own navigation. It was wonderful to see the expressions on everyone’s face when it became clear that there was no limit at all to what could be implemented on their site.

Most popular CMSs do have some sort of “system” to one degree or another, so my clients’ assumptions weren’t entirely unfounded. But MODX isn’t a system; it’s a framework. You can build whatever you want on top of that framework. As one MODX programmer put it, when people want a Wordpress site, they seek out a person who makes “Wordpress sites.” But MODX developers can’t market themselves this way because there is no such thing as a “MODX website” (see this post). You literally can’t tell that MODX is behind a website by looking in the HTML code. This means you can keep the code lean, making for fast page load times (take a look at the chart here and notice that MODX is near the top and Wordpress is at the . .